Below are listed, in order, transcriptions of the documents contained in Charter Six. The transcription follows the basic conventions. I have kept spelling and punctuation as they are in the manuscript with the exceptions of expanding certain abbreviations and replacing “i” with “j” where relevant to modern spelling, for ease of reading. I keep the same line breaks as in the manuscript, including the “x” used at the end of shorter lines in order to maintain a clean margin.

Where there is writing inserted between lines, I add them to the line they are associated with slashes \for example/. For superscript, bold, and crossed out text, I maintain the author’s formatting.

Where there are spaces in the manuscript, I leave spaces, except at the beginning and end of lines, where I use brackets surrounding the word [space]. I note small sections of illegible text with brackets and dots corresponding to the number of apparent letters in the word [….]. For larger portions of illegible text, I use brackets and the word illegible, [illegible]. When I can make out a group of letters, yet I am unsure if they spell a word, placed place the letters in brackets, such as [envrgh].

Where manuscript damage obscures the text, I again use brackets and describe the damage, [tear]. I write page numbers created by the author in line with the text with the folio number in brackets to the right. For additional information about the indenture’s contents or for definitions of unusual terms, I use footnotes.

As always, I appreciate any advice or suggestions for corrections. I am very much a novice at transcribing documents of this kind. There are many writing conventions used at the time that I am unaware of. Please, if you see something that I have transcribed incorrectly, let me know in a comment or by contacting me.

Type, Names, Date

(Insert) Will of William Ffernihaugh, 13 January, 1662

1.  Johes Abbott, Elizabeth and Johnni Stonyer, 1644

2. A Release from Covness in a Ffyne, (undated)

3. Indenture, Richard and Joan Nicholls, 10 September, 1638

4. Marriage, Edward Craddorke and Alice Salmont, June 1634

5.  Indenture, John Browne and Walter Pigott, (undated)

6. “Ham Debt?” William Baddiley and Richard Bouker, 22 January 1639

7. Indenture, Richard Bouker and William Baddiley, 10 January 1642

8. Indenture, Richard Heath, Thomas Bagnall, Richard Boulton, 1 April, 1645

9. Indenture, Richard and John Heath, Thomas Bagnall, 7 April, 1645

10. Indenture, Goodwyn Family, John Bond, John Hulme, 10 July, 1647

11. Release of Errors, Lawrence Leigh, Richard Welles, 1626

12. Conditional Surretude, “Three Cups”, 1626

13. Indenture, Delves Family, Roger Wilbraham, (undated)

14.  Indenture, Browne and Pigott Families, Thomas Hamersely, Thomas Baylei, 7th April, 1642

15. 28 February, 1633

16. 1 April, 1641

17. 2 February, 1642

18. 10 April, 1615

19. Sre of Attorney to Deliverm, (undated)


21.  “Sre of Attorney to Deliver a Lease Opou g c laud”

22. “Loe of Attorney to Adeiace possion”



25. 4 July, 1639


27. 1630

28. “To Leady osr of a Fyne”


30. 25 January 1641

31.  “Condition that a coifi shall clayme no dower”

32. 1647


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