(Insert) The Will of William Ffernihaugh, 13 January 1662

William Ffernihaugh’s Last Will and Testament was inserted in the back of the manuscript. The paper of the Will is wider than the paper used in the book. In order to keep the line breaks consistent some lines run over (the lines with a single word are wrapped from the previous line). I apologize for any difficulties in reading.

I am still researching the birth and death date of William Fernihaugh. I am interested to know whether he recovered from the illness that prompted the writing of this will. I have discovered was when he married H(Ellen) and the birth date of Anne.


William Ffernihaugh’s Family

Baptismal Record for William’s daughter, Anne, born and baptized on 22nd of September 1653 at St. Micheal Bassishaw parish in London. (2)

In the name of God Amen I William Ffernihaugh of the parish of Alhallowes the Wall
London Citizen and [Saster] of the same City, being sick and weake of body but of sound and perfect mind and memory
(thanks be to AlmightyGod) doe make and ordaine this my last Will and Testament in mannor and forme following
That is to say ffirst I commend my soule into the hands of Almighty God in Assurance of the remission of my sinnes
and fruition of eternall happinesse by and through the merritts and meditation of Jesus Christ my only Savior and
redeemer. My body I committ unto the Earth to be decently buryed at the discretion of my Executor hereafter named
in expectation of a glorious Resurrection. And as for that worldly Estate whereof it hath pleased God to make –
mee steward I thus dispose thereof biz. I will that all my Goods Chattells and personall Estate (my debts being
paid and ffineralls first discharged) shall be divided into Three equall portions according to the custome of London whereof
one third portion I leave to my loving wife Hellen according to the said custome, and the other two third portions thereof I will
leave and give to all my children [afice] my son by my former wife as my children by the said Hellen my now
wife to be paid unto my sonnes at his and their age and ages of One and Twenty yeares and to my daughters at their
like ages of one and Twenty yeares or at the dayes of their respective marriages (which shall first happen) And if any
of my said children shall happen to depart this life before the times of payment of his or their portion or portions ././/
aforesaid then the pt and pts and portion and portions asitbe customary or [segatary] of him her or them so deceasing
shall come and accrew to the survivor and survivors of them to be paid then and as his, her or them portion and portions
are to be paid And as for and comerning my freehold houses tenants with the Bath[..] London and other-
appurtenances scituate lying and being in Newcastle under lyme And alsoe all my copyhold lands and
Tenements with the’appurtenances held of the Mannor of Houton in the county of Stafford which I have c|| c||
surrendered to the use of my last will. I give devise and dispose the same my house Lands and Tenements both
freehold and copyhold as followeth that is to say (ffirst leasing and reserving unto my said wife such estate and
Estates out of my said house lands and tenements as by the lawes of the land and custome of the said Mannor
will be [comeing] and belonging to her) I give and divise unto every of my children by my now wife
namely William Thomas Anne and Hester Ffernihaugh the sume of One hundre Pounds a piece
and I charge upon my siad House Lands and Tenements aswell ffreehold and copyhold, and to be [caised] by and out of
the rents and profits thereof, to be paid unto my said sonnes William and Thomas at his and their respective attainment
of the age of one and twenty yeares. and to be paid to my said daughters Anne and Hester at her and their respective c// c//
attainment of the like age or at the day or dayes of their respective marriages ( which shall first happen) if such my
sonnes and daughters respectively shall live to atteine such age or to be marryed and aforesaid then it shall be [sacefull] And I doe hereby
And if such Sumes of One Hundred pouns a peice shall not be paid to my said children William Thomas Anne and
Hester attaining their respective ages, or being marryed as aforesaid and not otherwise -//
will that such of them my said fforever children who shall not be so paid his, her or their said summe or legacy
of one hundred pounds charged upon the said houses lands and tenements as aforesaid shall or may enter into
and upon the said houses lands and temenets freehold and copyhold and the same have and hould and these Rents and profits thereof
take receave and enjoy untill he she or they shall by and out of the Rents and profits thereof be fully paid and satisfied
his her and their said legacy or summe of one hundred pounds to him her or them given and charged upon the
said house lands and premises as aforedaid, And I doe give and devise my said ffreehold houses and premisses
in Newcastle under lyme and any said copy hold landes  [crease obscures writing]
Mannors of Horton in the county of Stafford aforesaid (charges which the said [fforbess] severall [fenues] of //
one hundred pounds a piece at aforesaid) unto my oldest sonne Samuel Ffernihaugh and the heires males
his body lawfully to be begotten, And for default of such issue to my said sonn Thomas and the –
males of his body lawfully to be begotten. And for default of such issue to the heirs males of
the body of mee the said William Ffernihaugh. And for default of such issue to my Brother Thomas—
Ffernihaugh and the heires Males of his body begotten and to be begotten And for default of such issue to the
right heires of mee the said William Ffernihaugh for ever. And I doe nominate make and appoint my
said loving wife Hellen and my said Sonn Samuel Executors of this my last will and testement-
And I nominate and make my said Brother Ffernigaugh and my worthy friend John Bagnall of
London Citizen and Draper Overseers of this my last will delivering their best advice assistance to my
Executors in [epthat] they […] And I doe give to each of them my said Overseers Thirty Shillings a piece
to buy them Rings for a remembrance In […] […] of I the said William Ffernihaugh to
this my last will and testament (contained in two that  cost side of a sheet of paper have set my hand.
and seale that Thirteenth day of January One Thousand Six hundred Sixty Two And in
the FFourteenth yeare of the Reigne of our Sovereinge Lord Charles the Second by the grace of
God King of England Scotland Ffrance and Ireland defender of the faith etc. William
Ffernihaugh signed sealed publicized and delivered by the said William Ffernihaugh the
Testate (after the [ontesfinoing] of the word (males) between three and twentith and fforew [acd]—
Twentith lines of the second side this Thirteenth day of January One Thousand Six Hundred Sixty Two

in the presence of Richard Bagnall Joseph [A…] I or Wells Servant to the said Son of


The Will of William Ffernihaugh

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