1. 1644, in Latin, Signed by Johes Abbott

The first indenture appears upside down in the manuscript. The page is not numbered and it is written in Latin. It is dated 1644 and signed by Johes Abbot (which may be an abbreviation of “Johannes”, Latin for “John”). I have been unable to find any solid information about a Johes/ John/ Johannes Abbott in Staffordshire during the time period.

I do not read Latin very well and transcribing it is a challenge. I have done my best but it needs serious revision by a Latin scholar. It references a Johnni and Elizabeth Stonyer. The Stonyer family was known in Staffordshire during the time period, but I have not found records relating directly to a Johnni and Elizabeth Stonyer in or around 1644.

Carolins deigraont Anglia Bcotia Afrancia et Gibine Rex fide [page curl]
definsoe’pt’ dilectis subditis nris Aehami Manwaring Nicho [page curl]
Richardson et Asaaco Keelinge Clericais salutem cum quidan
Thomas dium vixit et mortis sue tempore bonainrasive tredita
indiversis sive Auris bus iam nup abintestato xx
decesserit cum gedilcus subditus nr dmos Mathamiel [damage]
miles legum dcor curio nre Prerogative cant Magr free
Custos sciunecon scitutus ex officio sno mero rite et ffine
[.] cedens comisson vobis con: in et divi[..] fierip delacoe inramin [page curl]
Johnni Stonyer et Elizabethe eins uppximo consanguinee
dcd destateptatem subscript submodo et forma sequen x
vobis comittend fore dcreverit justifia median ad deferend
igr Aurament prest Johi Stonyer et Elizabeth  enis upori
cam debene et fidele ad mim Strand bona intra et cred x
 drc defunct quam depleus et fideli indventario ommid et
singnlor bonor md et tced einsd defunct conficiend et 


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