2. Undated, "A Release from [Covness] in a Ffyne", John Bolter

This is just a mess. Not only is the handwriting atrocious (not that mine is any better). Transcription is complicated by the names being coded or abbreviated. This is the second entry in the manuscript, between Johes Abbott’s entry and when the page numbers start. The script is unique in the manuscript, being much closer to an italic that the bulk of the writing which is a combination of secretary and italic elements. This may suggest that this entry was added at a later date when Italic became a more common hand.

Thy indenture [Ratusrui] W ff. of CH. M. of the one partie And 
[.] sh. of. N. widow of the other partie. Whereas . [..]tle s of A [orhr] ffine and  [..]
by [then] [Ju..e] [and] dulbargaine [and] to have [and] to hold [……] E S. [and] [……….]
by [and] And whirar the D W S u hilly E [… fe] [and] […] John Bolter
in cellay fine call [choald] a fine [uppclaunacor] in

(transcription in progress)


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