The manuscript includes pen-testings and marginalia on ff 2v and ff 93r. The marginalia appears to be in Latin and in the Set Hand of Common Pleas.

Wolpe, Berthold, ed. A Newe Booke of Copies 1574. London : Oxford University Press, 1962

The writing on ff 1v matches the writing on ff 93r where it is signed (three times) by Raphe Bagnall 1647. The script is challenging and made more so by my much neglected Latin studies.


I attempted to transcribe it as English (and I am not sure it is English!). The closest I came was:

 the [pehoan] saide to mee [mdoode] a trusty frend is good att needbut beare you [thu] in your [] a trusty is harde to  finde

close-up 2r


93r signature details


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